Web Data Scraping API

Web Data Scraping API

ByteKeen helps companies succeed by leveraging unlimited data from the web. We’ll find an expert to set you up!

Extract data from any website

ByteKeen takes advantage of the latest technologies, enabling you to extract data or perform automated actions on practically any website.

You can run your jobs automatically every minute, hour or day. Download results in Excel, CSV, HTML or JSON.

Incredibly powerful & flexible

Get data from millions of pages. Enter thousands of links and keywords that ByteKeen will automatically search through.

Use our REST API. Download data in Excel and JSON. Import your results into Google Sheets and Tableau.

Stay focused on your product and leave the infrastructure maintenance to us.

Everything you need for web scraping


Collect and store data on
our servers automatically.

IP Rotation

Use a fleet of proxies while
crawling a website.

Scheduled Collection

Get a new set of data daily,
weekly, monthly, etc.

API & Web-hooks

Use our API and integrate
your data anywhere.

JSON & Excel

Download your data in
any format for analysis.

Top Features

Point and click to get any data on the web

Interact with web forms/logins

Download images and files

Schedule data extraction

Capture screenshots

Store and access data in the ByteKeen cloud

Transform data into exactly what’s needed

Monitor changes (prices, product offerings, etc.)

Gain insights with reports, charts, and visualizations

Automate web interaction and workflows

Integrate data into applications using APIs

Protect data with PII masking