Pricing Intelligence

Pricing Intelligance

Price Intelligence (or Competitive Price Monitoring) refers to the awareness of market-level pricing intricacies and the impact on business, typically using modern data mining techniques.

It is differentiated from other pricing models by the extent and accuracy of the competitive pricing analysis.

Main Features

Just a few reasons to get Pricing Intelligence Software

Act on price improvement opportunities

Analyze how the pricing of your products compares to that of the same products as your competitors.

Tweak the prices of products that are priced either too low or too high.

Drive efficient pricing across thousands of products to maximize

Build the desired price perception
among shoppers

Maintain a healthy, competitive price position for all your products across various product-types, categories, and brands.

Identify and act on areas where your competitive price position can be optimized to trigger more sales or drive the desired price perception.

Drill down to observe detailed pricing insights on product categories of interest against specific competitors.

Analyze historical competitive
pricing trends

Gain an in-depth view into your competitor’s pricing strategies over any period of time to anticipate price movements.

Break down your analyses along multiple dimensions like category, product type, brand, or even individual products.

Track and react quickly to aggressive price movements by competitors to ensure you don’t lose out on market share.

Derive product-level insights and

Acquire actionable competitive insights and business recommendations even for specific products in your assortment.

Combine stock status information with competitive pricing insights to make smarter and aggressive pricing decisions.

Monitor the historical price movement of high-priority products relative to your competitors.

Raise Sales

Grow your sales up to 85% by monitoring your competitor’s pricing strategy. Find the good price point to gain customers.

Increase Margins

Increase profit margin by raising prices that are too low. Make strategic pricing decisions with high quality competitor pricing information.

Oversee Market

Have an overview of your market and products offered by your competitors. Find opportunities and adjust your product assortments.