How Web Data Scraping Services Benefits E-commerce Businesses

Web data extraction also known as data scraping is a method for extracting massive amounts of data from different websites online. The data obtainable on sites is commonly not accessible to download straightforwardly. However, the web is the most prominent repository of data, and this data has been increasing at exponential rates ever since the commencement of internet.

The web data scraping services assist you to fetch competitive data in an automated fashion more resourcefully and precisely. A web scraping setup interacts with different E-commerce portals and instead of displaying it on screens; it stores the fetched data to a system for further access.

Business Applications of Web Data Extraction

  1. Competitor Data Extraction and Analysis

The prospects of tracking competitor data were never this easy to get to until automated data collection services came into existence through web scraping technologies. By means of deploying web spiders, it’s now painless to closely track the activities of your close competitors.

This includes monitoring the marketing promotions they are using, tracking their social media activities, screening their business strategies and catalogs to win more business to the competition. ByteKeen offers near to real time crawls to take this forward and offers businesses with up to the minute competitor data.

  1. Product and Pricing Data Extraction

Product and pricing data intelligence is gaining recognition by every passing day has given the slimming down of competition in the online world. E-commerce portals are always studying out their close competitors and market leaders.

By utilizing E-commerce data extraction techniques, an e-commerce business can have real-time product and pricing data. Using this data they can fine tune their own catalogs with competitive pricing and product information.

The ByteKeen data mining services can easily do this wherein web crawlers are programmed to pull product information like product name, variant, category, price and whatever is available on the competitor E-commerce sites. This data can be plugged to get automated product and pricing information analyzed in the required formats.

  1. Maintaining the Product Catalog

E-commerce portals usually have enormous product listings. It’s not effortless to keep posted and maintain a very massive catalog. This is why many E-commerce companies rely on exclusive web data extraction services for assembling required data to have their catalogs updated regularly. This assists in discovering fresh categories with new product details which they can add in their list.

  1. Data Scraping for Market Research

Market research is imperfect unless the quantity of data is vast. Given the limits of customary processes of data attainment and its volume of appropriate data presented on the web, web data extraction is by far the best way to collect data needed for market research. The transfer of businesses from offline to online spaces has also made web data scraping an improved resource for market research activities.

Key Takeaways

Some businesses work exclusively relying on data; others use it for competitor analysis and market research amongst the other multiple use cases. However, fetching massive amounts of data from the websites and other online resources is still a major barrier for many companies, more so because they are not following the best possible direction.

Moving Forward with Web Data Scraping Services

ByteKeen Technologies is a data extraction company for any category of service or solution providers in want of data for their businesses, like business data for Marketing & Sales, data for Competitor Study & Market Research and data for Product as well as Pricing Strategies.

At ByteKeen we take the proficiency of our web data extraction services and software solutions to a completely new level. Our web data mining team consists of finest talent and significant technical experience. They bring in advanced data collection services and web crawling techniques to pull data from the precise web sources and deliver data in required formats as desired by our clients.

Don’t wait just get in touch with us now; we deliver more than what is expected. We always provide support to our customers whether its business consultation or technical support.

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